Whether you’re a sole trader or you manage a listed company, it is very likely that you’ll need both strategic advice and corporate finance advice at some stage or another.  CapShire team of expert advisors ensure you achieve your overall objectives when it comes to making decisions about fundraising, acquisitions, management buy-outs or buy-ins, or business disposals.

Business valuation
& disposal


We understand the complexities surrounding business disposals. We know that it is about finding the delicate balances between value maximization, exit strategy and business sustainability.


CapShire work does not finish here but we go along to ensure you get the maximum benefit ensuring that our client gets the most out of the return with our approved tax solutions.  Speak to CapShire Chartered Accountants and Auditors to find out more.


Incorporation of your existing business not only brings tax benefits but also protects you from unlimited personal financial liability.


If you’re in the process of setting up a limited liability company, we can take care of all the incorporation formalities for you, as well as putting together a company, tailor made to your requirements.  Speka to CapShire Chartered Accountants and Auditors to find out more.

Merger & Acquisition 


Business acquisition and merger are complex transactions. If you run a business and have growth in your sights, an acquisition may be the right way to go.  If so, Capshire have the expertise and the experience to guide you through the process from beginning to end. 


CapShire Chartered Accountants and Auditors ensure our clients are covered in all respects from the valuation of the target to the legalities of the sale purchase agreement. 

Raising finance 

Raising funds for  business expansion , acquisition, MBO or debt restructuring has never been easy, but in today’s economic climate it can be particularly tough.  Irrespective of why you’re looking to raise funds, success relies on putting the right case together.  CapShire can help you do this with credibility and conviction.  

It is important to have a good idea of expected cash flows and income and expenses to effective plan your business operation and resources. Speak to CapShire Chartered Accountants and Auditors to see how we can help you in this area.


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