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CapShire Chartered Accountant & Auditor, Accounting Tax Audit
Finance Director

CapShire partners work with you to understand the business case before recommending any outsourcing solutions. Whether you are considering BPO because of resource shortages, to concentrate on your core business, cost saving or to achieve flexibility, our experts are there to recommend you the most suitable solution.

Our service bring the expertise and experience you would expect from a finance director, but in a package tailored to fit the time requirements and budget of your business.


CapShire involvement brings added value to the management team. We work in partnership with you, to understand your business and are available at all times to help you make those key decisions, as well as holding regular meetings and reviewing key management reports, that we can also help produce if there is no expertise in house. 

CapShire provides fully outsourced credit control service to save you time and money and is available for less than the minimum wage.


Managing your cash collections requires special skills. We provide expert 

credit controllers with good systems and processes. With no sickness or holidays to slow the cash cycle and with no overheads, our outsourced credit control service will deliver consistent levels of cash in a highly cost effective way. Speak to CapShire Chartered Accountants and Auditors to find out how we can help your business.

We have seen businesses who are doing everything by the book but fail to get proper advice when it comes to the complex area of tax or other regulatory issues like accounting for client monies. Bookkeeping is generally perceived an area that does not require high level of qualification and experience and therefore errors made at the bookkeeping stage lead to complexities which could have been avoided. 


It is for this very reason CapShire Chartered Accountants and Auditors tend to provide experienced resource to our clients who outsource us their bookkeeping. 

CapShire provides tailored training programmes to suit employers and individual's needs in relation to staff development and business improvement.


These training solutions have the potential to enhance skills and knowledge, increase motivation and profitability within an organisation, and achieve real business benefits. Speak to CapShire Chartered Accountants and Auditors to find out more.

CapShire Chartered Accountant & Auditor, Accounting Tax Audit
CapShire Chartered Accountant & Auditor, Accounting Tax Audit
Training & coaching

Business process outsourcing


It makes administrative sense to outsource your Company Secretarial responsibilities to a firm that is knowledgeable, professional and geared up to cater for this task.  CapShire dedicated team is up to date with corporate governance legislation and we will make sure you never miss a deadline, which means you can stop worrying about penalties, prosecution and even disqualification.


Our Company Secretarial services include Companies Act statutory compliance, ​Company formation, Registered office facilities, Maintaining your statutory records, Statutory filing requirements, Meetings and Minutes.

We appreciate the fact that processing payroll is not one of the core activities of most of our clients. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to contract this out to a team of experts at CapShire. Our payroll package is tailored to each client's requirement and generally include the following regular activities;

  • Payslip production and BACS payment

  • Monthly and annual pension returns

  • Dealing with joining and leaving employees

  • Statutory Sick Pay and Statutory Maternity Pay

  • Year end filing of P14s, P35