CapShire Chartered Accountant & Auditor, Accounting Tax Audit
             a firm of choice

About us

What we stand for?

Honest and impartial advice form core of our values. We understand that there is no one fit for all solution in the business world. Our clients face unique challenges and this requires a tailored approach to deal with their problems.  We go beyond numbers to help unlock our clients’ potential for growth. Our opinion counts as we are advisors to the decision makers and help them achieve their goals. . 

What we do?

  • We are straight talking professionals and like to keep things simple

  • We are selective in choosing our clients – as we are known by the clients we keep

  • We are proactive and keep our clients ahead of the game

What we do not do?

  • We do not make false promises of saving you huge taxes without even knowing your business or personal circumstances

  • We do not charge nonsense fees and do not undercut our competitor just for the sake of winning new business

  • We do not over promise and under deliver