Startups hub

Turing your light bulb idea into a reality needs a lot of hard work and then transforming your idea into a business requires lot courage. True entrepreneurs believe strongly in their vision and small setbacks do not distract them from achieving their goals. All start-ups are vulnerable to existing competition and other barriers to entry are difficult to break.


CapShire recognises that Start-ups are the life blood of innovation and growth without which we wouldn’t have the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Facebook etc. It is this shared vision that inspires us to stand hand in hand with the Start-ups and provide an incubator environment where start-ups could flourish in their early years and leave to stand strong in face of tough market competition.


CapShire Chartered Accountants and Auditors have a team of dedicated professionals who are here to help you with the elements involved, from forming your company to the next steps in setting up and becoming established, providing advice and guidance in areas such as finance, marketing and creating a business plan. 

CapShire Chartered Accountant & Auditor, Accounting Tax Audit


  • Choosing a type of company that is right for your business

  • Preparing your file to incorporate your company

  • Issuing various classes of company's share capital 

  • Creating a business plan

  • Steps to planning success 

  • Avoiding mistakes new business owners make

CapShire Chartered Accountant & Auditor, Accounting Tax Audit
Marketing and Sales
  • Free introduction to our clients network

  • Creating a Marketing plan

  • Making use of Social Media to expand your business

  • Saving excessive costs and making profit

  • Effective advertising tips

  • Finding  and retaining customers

CapShire Chartered Accountant & Auditor, Accounting Tax Audit


  • Establishing your funding requirements

  • Evaluating various funding options available to you

  • Introducing you to potential financers

  • Preparing documents as per financer's requirements

  • Getting the best value for your money

  • Setting up accounting and bookkeeping systems

CapShire Chartered Accountant & Auditor, Accounting Tax Audit
Taxes, Legalities & Insurance
  • Compliance and administration of various business and employer taxes

  • Advice on allowances and tax credits available for your benefit

  • Setting up Pensions plans

  • Finding suitable employees and drafting employment contracts

  • Managing risks and arranging necessary insurances